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The original military boots of Israel are obligatory marked with IDF logo:

"Tz" - the first letter of the Hebrew acronym Tzahal (לײהצ) - the military forces of the State of Israel (Hebrew: Tzva Hahagana LeYisra'el). Besides the IDF logo, all the Israeli military staff is marked by numerical (sometimes numerical and alphabetical) code.

At the top of the boot the special pockets for soldier identification tags ("dog-tags") are provided.

The Israeli soldiers use to call these tags "diskit"

Also there are special holes in the boot's pockets for fastening the "diskits"

There are two kinds of Israeli "dog-tags": big and small. The first bigger one with the name of the soldier and his IDF identification number is worn on his neck, often in a special small case with the symbolics of the soldier's division.

Another two smaller "diskits", with the indicated Israeli Armed Firces ID-number only use to be worn in the aforementioned small pockets on the boots. They serve for identification of the soldier in case of ...

Israeli brown boots are usually worn by paratroopers and some elite brigades, such as "Kfir", "Golani", "Givati", "Nahal"...

Black coloured boots are provided for infantry and artillery units, tank crews, Air Force and Navy, as well as for border guards, police and paramilitary forces.

Israeli military boots, both black and brown vary also in colour of the strips inside of the boot tops:

The blue-coloured strip inside the boots top indicated the "light" version of the Israeli boots. Regular (i.e. "heavy" boots) have black-coloured strips. This indication should make the selection of "proper" boots much easier for a soldier, accordingly to the planned combat mission. During the long marches it is much better to run or walk in "light" boots; however, sometimes heavy and sturdy boots are more preferable in some situations.

The top of the IDF boots is made of durable and thick leather, the sole is made of polyurethane or vulcanized rubber (depending on the manufacturer, but obligatory in accordance with Israeli army boots quality standards), with non-slip soles and "zig-zag" ("Chevron") tread pattern. The sizes of such boots vary from 40 through 46, these boots have two-layer thickened sole, compared with one-layer soles in smaller size boots (sizes less than 40).

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