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Important notice: we do not sell any boots! The prices are given for information purposes only!


Bundeswehr Black Lace-up Boots Variant 1: With Smooth Leather (Die Schwarzen Schnurstiefel Variante 1: Der Glattleder-Schnurstiefel)

Black boots of the German Army (Bundeswehr) are made of genuine smooth leather, they feature leather intermediate sole + polyurethane tread. According to the Bundeswehr footwear classification, they are called: "Die schwarzen Schnurstiefel Variante 1: Der Glattleder-Schnurstiefel" (Black leather lace-up boots variant 1: with smooth leather).

The boots size is indicated in the "Mondopoint" system, i.e. in millimetres. The 8-eyelet speed-lacing system is provided with the help of non-ferrous metal loops, manufactured by the "STOCKO" company, a contract provider of the Bundeswehr.

The boot's leather padded tongue is sewn to the boots top on the level of the sixth eyelet of the speed-lacing system, if to count upwards from down. So one can step into a puddle almost up to this level without ingress of water inside. Under condition of regular treatment with quality boot cream the boots leather doesn't get wet. The heel is reinforced with an additional layer of thick leather, which provides good ankle fixation and protection from dislocations.

On a sample photo one can see durable but flexible leather and thick leather intermediate sole, fixed together with polyurethane tread by an adhesive is manufactured by "Continental" company.

Unlike modern direct-moulded boots with soft rubber outsoles (which are practically not a subject of repair), the "leather+ polyurethane outsole" adhesive mounting method allows one to repair such boots by almost any cobbler and even to replace the outsole completely when needed.

These boots are no longer produced because of the high complexity of the handmade process and need in expensive materials. Modern industry has long been focused on the manufacture of disposable items, which can not be repaired.

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