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All these modifications made the new Belgian boots top virtually indistinguishable from the most recent Dutch boots of the model M90, so-called "Militaire Legerkisten M90 Landmacht Model".

However, there was clear deterioration as well - the out-sole was no longer made of solid and durable vulcanized rubber with glueing and stitching. The Belgian model 1996 boots uses the same layered out-sole, as on the failed German Bundeswehr "Model 2000" boots, the out-soles of which were composed of rubber and open-layer foamy polyurethane, which tend to deterioration and crushing after quite short time. Even the logo - the "Indian Head" is exactly the same as on the German "Model 2000" boots out-soles.

As we know, the shortcomings of this model became the reason for the Bundeswehr to opt out the "Model 2000" and adopt a new and very successful "model 2005/2007". The foamy layer of these boots out-sole was "hidden" inside, the general design and speed lacing system eyelets were improved as well.

Judging by the opinions, presented on the Belgian discussion forums, the users of the ABL latest model boots noticed the shortcomings of the new boots out-soles, and they use to write mostly negative reviews.

On the contrary, the "good old" Belgian boots are very much appreciated, because they have proven their superior performance and high quality of manufacturing, enabling many years of hard use.

Military Boots of the Netherlands - Model M90 (M400)

In the mid-1990s the Dutch Armed Forces transferred from the model M66 army boots (brown and black) to model M90 black boots (the so-called "Militaire Legerkisten M90 Landmacht Model"), developed by "Bata Industrials" and adopted in the year 1990.

It is worth mentioning, that these model M90 boots are also called model M400 - this is just an internal development code of the manufacturer, and can be found mainly on the dedicated Dutch-language forums and web-sites. In such a way these boots got double identification name, used by military and manufacturers. The name M90 is used much more.

As it was mentioned in the other military boots reviews of the present series (dedicated to the Dutch and German military footwear), the Dutch themselves colloquially use the following slang words to call their army boots: "Legerkisten", "Legerlaarzen" ("army chests", "war chests") and "Legerschoenen "("military boots"). Sometimes these words combinations in the title include the word "Gevechts" ("Combat"), so we can see, for example, the name "Gevechtslaars".

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