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Important notice: we do not sell any boots! The prices are given for information purposes only!


Polish Army Winter Boots Model 933/MON (Buty (trzewiki) zimowe vzor 933/MON)

The real Polish military boots differ from any commercial copies by the marking "MON", indicating the Ministry of National Defence of Poland (Ministerstwo Obrony Narodowej, MON).

The specific models of boots, made by the Ministry of Defense specifications, are designated by three-digit code, a slash and "MON" abbreviation, for example, 919/MON, 925/MON, 928/MON, 933/MON etc... This marking certifies that the certain pair of boots are made for the army by contract (kontraktowe, wyprodukowane specjalnie dla wojska).

Winter boots of the Polish army (model 933/MON) are designed for use at low temperatures and high humidity. The boots are made of several layers of leather: grainy calf leather, dense but flexible, with a hydrophobic impregnation as the outside layer, and thin black "glove"-type leather inside the boots. Between the leather layers there is thermal insulation and shock-absorbing lining, which, in combination with ventilation holes provide comfortable dry warmth inside the boot. Compared with the German Bundeswehr boots model 2005/2007, the Polish boots feature wider stitched leather "collar" padding at the top of the boots, providing improved protection against dust, moisture and preventing heat loss.

The process of 933/MON manufacturing involves new materials (insulation of "Thinsulate" microfibre (for conditions of high humidity); lightweight and sturdy "Cordura" nylon fabric, resistant to mechanical damage; "OutDry" membrane, placed directly on the inner surface of the boot's top leather; "Air Comfort" anatomical insoles of polyurethane/leather, providing better air circulation inside the boots, good thermal insulation, cushioning and shape retention, even after long-term use; the out-sole are made by "Vibram" or composite ones (made of polyurethane foam plus rubber or thermo-polyurethane).

By the outlook appearance and design of the boot's top the Polish winter boots model 933/MON resemble Bundeswehr boots model 2005/2007, and both types of boots feature the same:

- general design principles;

- the concept of a minimum number of seams;

- damping inserts on the back sides;

- speed-lacing system (the lacing hooks of the Polish boots have "streamlined " shape);

- the design of the boot's tongue;

- "closed" bi-layer structure the out-sole (polyurethane foam in the heel + rubber, resistant to abrasion and temperature changes), resistant to oil and acid, antistatic.

The similarity of the Polish winter boots with the new German army boots can be explained by the fact that the Polish company "P.W. Demar", which participated in the development of model 933/MON, was one of the German Ministry of Defence subcontractors, and have been producing Bundeswehr boots model 2005/2007 for several years. This was before the German company "HAIX®-Schuhe Produktions und Vertriebs GmbH" from the city of Mainburg "conquered" almost completely the market of military boots supplies for the German Armed Forces.

The company "Demar" produces the most diverse footwear for more than 35 years- from the shoes for kids and home slippers to the specialized and working boots. The company holds a considerable place in the footwear market of Poland and the Eastern Europe as well as in the Nordic and Baltic countries, so the Bundeswehr logistics had strong arguments to choose this company as a subcontractor at that time.

However, the further reducing of funding for the German Bundeswehr and the priority of the price criterion, the necessity to choose of a single German manufacturer, which could offer the best price in the supply of large consignments of footwear for the Bundeswehr. was inevitable

After the end of the Bundeswehr contract, the Polish boots, which are actually the analogues of the Bundeswehr boots Modell 2005/2007, are supplied by "DEMAR" to the commercial market under the brand name "DEMAR MASTER D12", but as a specialized footwear for civilian users. These boots can be ordered without difficulty on-line on the web-sites of the companies that specialize in selling of this company's footwear.

By their appearance, "DEMAR MASTER D12" boots are almost complete copy of the German "Kampfstiefel Modell 2005/2007", but they are dark cherry in colour, the stitching thread is red, also the boots feature bright red sewn-on manufacturer labels and colourful two-tone laces. These details are likely to give these Polish boots the look of a kind of modern "safety boots".

As for the Polish winter boots model 933/MON, one should mention among the contract manufacturers the companies "Protektor S.A." and "Wojas S.A." along with "Demar" company. Typically, all of the aforementioned manufacturing companies give a three-year warranty on their boots.

The largest of these three manufacturers is "PROTEKTOR S.A." of Lublin city, it is active player in the footwear market of Poland and Europe for over 65 years.

The company produces mainly military boots, as well as work and special purpose boots of leather. The company's products are designed for a variety of climatic conditions, and it is one of the main suppliers of certified footwear for the Ministry of Defence of Poland (MON). The company's process of boots production involves different methods of out-soles mounting, from "DMS-Direct Molded Soles" (direct injection polyurethane assembling) with the help of German "DESMA KLOECKNER" equipment , to glueing and glueing and stitching.

The company "Wojas S.A." of Nowy Targ city is more oriented on the market of civil footwear and stylish sport shoes, so army boots manufacturing is just only one, not the main, field of production.

The Polish-developed out-soles tread pattern of the model 933/MON boots differs from that used in the new boots of Bundeswehr and many other European countries (Belgium, Niderdlandov, Slovakia, Romania...).

On the out-soles of the Polish army winter boots it is usually specified by the manufacturer's name and logo, the size in the "Mondopoint" system, the model code - "933/MON", the month and the year of manufacture (just in the same way as on the Bundeswehr boots model 2005/2007) - in the circle stamp with arrow and numbers. The protective properties of the out-soles: anti-static, resistant to aggressive oil and chemicals etc. are also indicated.

The price of these boots in Poland, if ordered by the Internet, will be about 220 zloty (53 Euros).

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