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In particular, it was the Polish "Grom" in 1994, which ensured the safety of Boutros Boutros-Ghali, the UN Secretary-General and William Perry, the US Secretary of Defence. Contrary to the practice in the United States Army and for its professionalism, the Polish "Grom" unit was awarded the "The Army Commendation medal" of the US Army. The award was handed over to Colonel Slawomir Petelicki, the creator and commander of this unit.

However, not everything went smoothly in the life of "Grom" unit , as well as in the contemporary US, British and other special forces. In October 1999, the unit was transferred from the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the Ministry of Defence, and passed through repeated reforms and renewal of the staff.

At various times, in many countries, including Poland, the special forces were on the verge of disbanding and liquidation for political reasons.

Later, the founder and the first commander of the "Grom" unit admitted that it were the wars, which saved the unit from disbanding, and the personnel - from forwarding to different units of the army and navy, because "Grom" was actively involved in the operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

As a part of the Ministry of Defence of Poland, "Grom" unit is still responsible for solving the problems of the counter-terrorist struggle. There are some new challenges as well: the "Grom" fighters undergo the training as a commando (even partisan) troops, fulfilling the task of fighting the enemy in case of hostile invasion on the territory of Poland.

In modern Poland, the special unit "Grom" enjoys an excellent reputation and respect.

As for the same-name boots, some Polish sceptics on the military forums argue that this sounding name is just a "marketing ploy". However, the truth is somewhere in the middle between the two polar opinions.

Whatever it was, today "Grom" tactical boots are among of the most popular models of tactical footwear of the Polish security forces and among civilian hikers, hunters, guards...

These boots are made of high quality soft calf leather, combined with "Cordura - Traspira", a durable, waterproof and breathable textile material. The impregnation of the material provides protection from outside moisture and good resistance to mechanical damage. The boots sizes range from 33 to 48 in French metrics. The boot's counters are strengthened with additional layers of the leather inside. The weight of pair of boots is 1.2 kg for size 42.

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