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Leather upper 0.1 mm thinner than previous models.

Model C202 is just a modification of model C201 boots. In C202 boots the inner lining is made of textile material instead of leather, the thickness of the tongue is slightly less (1-1.2 mm) than in the full leather model (1.2-1.4 mm).

The boots of C200 series featuring double fastening (the laces and side zippers) are presented by model C220. The top of zipper is additionally fixed by "Velcro"-type clasp. The inner lining of these boots can be of two types: thin leather (code 221) or textiles (code 222), the anti-bacterial insoles are also added to all the versions of these boots.

In the Greek army they also use a kind of boots with two buckles on top. Such is the model C301, with represents by itself something like a hybrid type between the standard US-Greek model and French "Rangers" BMJA-65 boots. The manufacturer calls these boots the "FLUORESCENT SIGN" for some reason.

These lacing system of these boots, like of the French boots, consists of 6 pairs of round eyelets, and just the same simple system of two buckles. The innovation of these boots consists in an additional layer of the foamy rubber in the out-sole.

In 2013, the Armed Forces of Greece began using new boots model S401-402, which feature a new element - the damping insert in the rear sides of the boots.

This damping element has long been used in the military boots of many armies of the world. The model S401 inner insulating lining is made of "glove"-type leather, while the C402 model features "Cambrelle" lining.

Both models come with a removable leather-and-latex insoles, and the out-soles feature an additional cushioning layer of foamy rubber. The top five pairs of round eyelets were replaced by lacing hooks.

Responding to the demands of time and the need for Greek soldiers participation in the overseas operations, the Greek footwear manufacturers proposed a number of models for the hot and dry climate. Since sandy coloured boots get less heat from the sun and are less visible, the model C201 was designed in sandy colour, having got the name C211 "Sahara". Particularly there is no differences between these two models, except for the colour.

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