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The ESTDCU uniforms is produced in Estonia and has several colour options (forest, desert, urban, winter), a set of such uniform costs about $ 300 US.

"FOXBERG OÜ" is an Estonian company, specializing mainly in the production of equipment for the armed forces and law enforcement agencies, but it manufactures as a variety of goods for tourists as well. The company's headquarters is located in Harjumaa, 10 km from Tallinn.

The Norwegian M/77 combat boots by "FOXBERG OÜ" can be purchased on-line for about 140 Euros. The Norwegian Ministry of Defence marking on the out-sole means that these boots meet all the quality requirements and regulations.

Estonian Black Combat "Desert" Boots (Eesti Kaitseväe saapad - must kõrbesaabas) Samelin model 598

The Estonian boots model 598m, designed for both dry and wet weather, are quite lightweight and comfortable, as the real tactical boots should be.

The boot's top is composite and made of hydrophobic grained chrome leather and breathable wear-resistant "Cordura" nylon, the "Cambrelle"-type breathable lining is also made of synthetic material. The lacing system consists of seven D-shaped half-rings of metal. The "Vibram"-made out-sole is slip-resistant and combined in structure (polyurethane+rubber). The boots have included the breathable and washable insoles (3 mm of thickness) with antistatic and antibacterial properties.

The cost of these boots in Estonia is 72 Euros, but during the discounts season they can be purchased for just 55 Euros.

The Slovenian-made boots by "Alpina Tovarna Obutve", which are supplied to the Armed Forces of Estonia, comply with the new trends of combat boots design that gained strength since the late 1990s.

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