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Figure 22

Figure 23

The fakes (with rough imitations of out-sole marking) last not long, their deterioration usually starts from the heel leather rupture, or the out-soles just fall apart.

Figure 24

Similarly to the late version of previous model, specified by MIL-B-43481 (the so-called "Boots, Combat, Direct Molded Sole"), the heel caps (counters) of the boots by MIL-B-44152 go up the back of the boots, the rear side is reinforced by stitching.

Figure 25

Figure 26

The previous "Combat Boots, Direct Molded Sole" (MIL-B-43481) were issued with removable orange-coloured plastic mesh insoles, as it was in the US Army boots of the 1960-70 and US "jungle boots". The same design green mesh insoles were used in contemporary German Bundeswehr military boots, prior to Modell 2000 army boots.

New type "Mildew & Water Resistant, DMS Combat Boots" (MIL-B-44152 and revised MIL-B-44152C) were issued with advanced urethane foam insole with fiberboard backing and textile upper surface.

Figure 27

There were three versions (and one amendment) of military specification MIL-B-44152 by dates:

- Version A (approved November 1986) MIL-B-44152A;

- Version B (approved May 1990) MIL-B-44152B;

- Version C (approved May 1993) MIL-B-44152C;

- Amendment 1 to Version C (approved October 1994) MIL-B-44152C_AMENDMENT-1.

Initially these boots featured 10 pairs of speed-lace loops, but on May 28, 1993 the lower two pairs of speed-lace loops (at the foot), according to Revision C of the specification, were changed simple round eyelets, while the other upper eight pairs of speed-lace loops remained unchanged. Besides the peculiarities of the out-sole and the heel attachment, this feature is another important difference between the boots, made by the early and revised versions of MIL-B-44152(C) specification.

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