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The French "Pataugas"-type boots, either high-leg models (with two buckles on top or without them) or low ones (the so-called "Pampa" boots), costing about 80 UD dollars in retail trade, consist of the following parts: - the cleated chunky-looking one-piece molded out-sole is made of thick rubber with stamped manufacturer's mark (Bonusage, Morvan, Palladium, Paraflac, Pataugas, Paul Boyé, Vernon, Wissart...), also they had two-piece sock-liner, featuring hugging thick die-cut EVA and protective rubber toe-cap for better fingers protection. The height of the heel was about 1 inch (2,54 cm);

- thick 100%- cotton olive-green canvas fabric upper, weighting about 20oz (about 567 grams) for a single boot, the color may differ for various manufacturers (from tan and green to black shade); - protective round rubber patches are applied on medial side of both boots and often marked with manufacturer's brand name, sometimes they show no marking at all. The producer's brand names can also be found on the out-sole, boot's tongue, inner stamps and even on the edge of rubber soles in the heel area.

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