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KS90 boots are to be stored and carried in a backpack inside a canvas bag with lace on top.

Before the introduction of Swiss army equipment set model M90, the footwear care set case was made of gray vinyl material, with rivet-fastened pockets for brushes, creams etc.

When the Swiss TAZ 90 (TarnAnZug 90, or TASS 90 in French) camouflage was introduced, it got the name "Swiss Woodland", or just "Swiss forest camouflage" in the other countries. The Swiss army introduced the footwear care set in TAZ90 camouflage cases, very similar to the previous gray vinyl ones, but made of laminated vinyl-lined waterproof fabric. It features the same pockets with rivets, and the folding edges are fastened with wide "Velcro" ribbon. A special pocket for the owner's name tab is provided on the upper outer side.

This set consists of brushes for cleaning clothes and boots, two black metallic tubes with boot polish, with the inscriptions: "SCHUHCREME" - "CREME POUR CHAUSSURES" (03 or 09 sara lee), small brush for applying the cream (in a special carrying case), a wooden pallet and a sewing set consisting of needles, multi-colors threads binding, Swedish pins and other small necessary things.

If to look closely at this camouflage set, one can see small inscriptions pointing, that this boot care set belongs to the ARMED FORCES OF SWITZERLAND: "SCHWEIZER ARMEE" and "ESERSITO SVIZZERO" ...

"Hybrid" footwear of the Swiss Army: buckles and cuffs and "grenadier" boots

Between the ankle "mountain" boots and KS90 boots the Swiss armed forces have been using an intermediate version of the military boots, featuring cuffs with straps and two buckles. Externally they resembled a "hybrid" of French BMJA-65 "Rangers", Italian boots with cuffs and old Swiss ankle boots. The lacing system consisted of hooks in the upper part of the lacing and "D"-shaped half-ring in the lower part. Under the lacing one can see the traditional Swiss folding "shutters" of overlapping leather. The boot's top is made of smooth leather, the boots inside are lined with soft light-colored "glove"-type leather.

The out-sole is stitched and glued, the tread pattern is the classic "Vibram". By chance the author of this review managed to take a good look at two pairs of such boots, and the out-soles were marked with the following manufacturer names "SKYWALK" and "DAVOS".

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