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Swiss Army "desert" boots model 06 (Schweiz Wüsten - Kampfstiefel 06)

The Swiss combat boots model 06 for hot and arid climate were introduced in 2006 as the Swiss soldiers have been actively involved in international peacekeeping and military operations, not only in Kosovo but also in the hot desert countries (Iraq and Afghanistan), while the used conventional KS90 boots and TAZ90 camouflage uniforms were not convenient in such conditions.

A year later a new Swiss "desert" uniform model TAZ 07/w (Tarnanzug 2007/Wüste) was introduced. This camouflage uniform is just a modified version of standard "Swiss woodland" TAZ90, but made of more lightweight and "breathable" materials, more suitable for the desert by colors.

The "desert" uniform of the Armed Forces of Switzerland is also characterized by loose cut. This uniform is very rare, even in view of the relative rarity of conventional TAZ90 Swiss camouflage, because it is produced in very limited quantities exclusively for the soldiers who participate in the missions abroad, and the form is not issued forever, but under condition of return back after-service. Accordingly, the successful search for this uniform on sale is extremely difficult, almost impossible task. For political reasons, the Swiss armed forces are involved in very few peacekeeping and stabilization operations abroad.

The fabric of the Swiss TAZ90 uniform is characterized by high density and resistance to tear and wear, and usually this uniform issued to soldiers for use during the periodical military training and exercises, with storage during off-duty time, and the service period of this uniform under such circumstances is about 20 years.

In the photo (058) below represents the Swiss desert boots manufactured by "BALLY". The lower part of these desert boots is made of suede (toe, heel and upper, and the reinforcement elements such as top and back ribbon, and the base of the lacing system), while the side parts are made from the fabric of the Swiss standard TAZ90 camouflage. The light brown polyurethane out-sole are manufactured by "Vibram" and feature standard classical tread pattern. The method of the out-soles attaching is gluing and stitching. These boots feature no additional reinforcement components such as slash reinforcing strips in front of the malleolus feet bones, like on the American or German desert boots.

The inner lining is made of light and breathable white fabric, the boot's tongue shows the size and widths of the boots as well as factory number and country of origin ( "Made in Switzerland"). The manufacturing company brand name ("BALLY") is indicated listed on the insole inside the boot. The lacing system consists of three pairs of simple round eyelets in the lower part of the lacing and four pairs of hooks at the upper part. The tongue is stitched high to the middle of lacing. The boot's tongue is also made of lined TAZ90 camouflage fabric.

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