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Moon Landing

1 Apollo spacecraft
2 service module (SM)
3 nozzle of the main rocket engine
4 directional antenna
5 manoeuvring (Am. maneuvering) rockets
6 oxygen and hydrogen tanks for the spacecraft's energy system
7 fuel tank
8 radiators of the spacecraft's energy system
9 command module (Apollo space capsule)
10 entry hatch of the space capsule
11 astronaut
12 lunar module (LM)
13 moon's surface (lunar surface), a dust-covered surface
14 lunar dust
15 piece of rock
16 meteorite crater
17 the earth
18-27 space suit (extra-vehicular suit)
18 emergency oxygen apparatus
19 sunglass pocket [with sunglasses for use on board]
20 life support system (life support pack), a backpack unit
21 access flap
22 space suit helmet with sun filters
23 control box of the life support pack
24 penlight pocket
25 access flap for the purge valve
26 tube and cable connections for the radio, ventilation, and water-cooling systems
27 pocket for pens, tools, etc.
28-36 descent stage
28 connector
29 fuel tank
30 engine
31 mechanism for unfolding the legs
32 main shock absorber
33 landing pad
34 ingress/egress platform (hatch platform)
35 ladder to platform and hatch
36 cardan mount for engine
37-47 ascent stage
37 fuel tank
38 ingress/egress hatch (entry/exit hatch)
39 LM manoeuvring (Am. maneuvering) rockets
40 window
41 crew compartment
42 rendezvous radar antenna
43 inertial measurement unit
44 directional antenna for ground control
45 upper hatch (docking hatch)
46 inflight antenna
47 docking target recess

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