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Garden Flowers

1 snowdrop (spring snowflake)
2 garden pansy (heartsease pansy), a pansy
3 trumpet narcissus (trumpet daffodil, Lent lily), a narcissus
4 poet's narcissus (pheasant's eye, poet's daffodil); sim.: polyanthus narcissus
5 bleeding heart (lyre flower), a fumariaceous flower
6 sweet william (bunch pink), a carnation
7 gillyflower (gilliflower, clove pink, clove carnation)
8 yellow flag (yellow water flag, yellow iris), an iris
9 tuberose
10 columbine (aquilegia)
11 gladiolus (sword lily)
12 Madonna lily (Annunciation lily, Lent lily), a lily
13 larkspur (delphinium), a ranunculaceous plant
14 moss pink (moss phlox), a phlox
15 garden rose (China rose)
16 rosebud, a bud
17 double rose
18 rose thorn, a thorn
19 gaillardia
20 African marigold (tagetes)
21 love-lies-bleeding, an amaranthine flower
22 zinnia
23 pompon dahlia, a dahlia

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