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Arable Crops

1-47 arable crops (agricultural produce, farm produce)
1-37 varieties of grain (grain, cereals, farinaceous plants, bread-corn)
1 rye (also: corn, 'corn' often meaning the main cereal of a country or region; in Northern Germany: rye; in Southern Germany and Italy: wheat; in Sweden: barley; in Scotland: oats; in North America: maize; in China: rice)
2 ear of rye, a spike (head)
3 spikelet
4 ergot, a grain deformed by fungus [shown with mycelium]
5 corn stem after tillering
6 culm (stalk)
7 node of the culm
8 leaf (grain leaf)
9 leaf sheath (sheath)
10 spikelet
11 glume
12 awn (beard, arista)
13 seed (grain, kernel, farinaceous grain)
14 embryo plant
15 seed
16 embryo
17 root
18 root hair
19 grain leaf
20 leaf blade (blade, lamina)
21 leaf sheath
22 ligule (ligula)
23 wheat
24 spelt
25 seed; unripe: green spelt, a soup vegetable
26 barley
27 oat panicle, a panicle
28 millet
29 rice
30 rice grain
31 maize (Indian corn, Am. corn); varieties: popcorn, dent corn, flint corn (flint maize, Am. Yankee corn), pod corn (Am. cow corn, husk corn), soft corn (Am. flour corn, squaw corn), sweet corn
32 female inflorescence
33 husk (shuck)
34 style
35 male inflorescence (tassel)
36 maize cob (Am. corn cob)
37 maize kernel (grain of maize)
38-45 root crops
38 potato plant (potato), a tuberous plant; varieties: round, round-oval (pear-shaped), flat-oval, long, kidney-shaped potato; according to colour: white (Am. Irish), yellow, red, purple potato
39 seed potato (seed tuber)
40 potato tuber (potato, tuber)
41 potato top (potato haulm)
42 flower
43 poisonous potato berry (potato apple)
44 sugar beet, a beet
45 root (beet)
46 beet top
47 beet leaf

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