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Twist the DCM a quarter turn to help locate it correctly.

Turn the lever on the shut-off valve spindle FULLY ANTICLOCKWISE (relative to wearer) both to position mouthpiece in the mouth and to open shut-off valve.

Turn the water bottle upside down and blow gently through the mouthpiece to create an overpressure.

Drink the water you need, then, continuing to hold the water bottle, turn the lever FULLY CLOCKWISE to close the shut-off valve and remove the mouthpiece from your mouth.

Turn the water bottle the right way up and remove DCM from cap. Place on a clean surface.

Decontaminate the DCM and its housing in the respirator. Wrap the drinking tube around the PSM and place in its housing.

Decontaminate the bottle cap, stopper and drinking cup. Replace the stopper and drinking cup and return bottle to its carrier.

WARNING: Only water may be taken through the drinking device or it will become blocked. In the case of a blockage, drink following the drill for emergency eating (see below) first decontaminating the mouth of the water bottle.

Eating Procedure

If liquid present, decontaminate gloves, respirator PSM, eating utensil, food container.

Unfasten jacket neck. Take hold of food wrapper. Steady your breathing and hold.

Close eyes and lift respirator by PSM away from face and upward to expose mouth.

Bite a small quantity and put under your tongue.

Replace respirator and blow out.

Swallow the food.

Repeat as necessary, secure neck fastening.


Practise the procedure for eating and drinking in a vapour hazard.


You have to be able to:

Carry out the emergency procedures for urinating and defecating while in a chemical environment.

Urinating and defecating are to be undertaken only in areas set aside for the purpose and which are, if possible, free from liquid contamination. Women follow the procedure for defecating for all bodily functions.

Urinating Procedure (Males)

Release equipment and jacket velcro fasteners.

If liquid present, decontaminate gloves and jacket pocket.

Raise jacket hem above trouser waistband and secure in position by applying waistband velcro to pocket velcros.

Untie braces. Avoid pulling clear of loops.

Release trouser waistband velcro fasteners.

If liquid present, decontaminate gloves and remove outers and inners. Place in pocket.

Push pouch forward for access to inner trousers. Undo trousers and urinate. Adjust inner clothing.

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