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HELPER decontaminates own gloves and outer package of overboots.

HELPER opens package and offers overboots.

Put on overboots sitting on inside of old jacket. Pull trousers over top and do up velcro.


Put on full IPE. Practise drill with a friend, one helping first and then the other. You may have to use a spare suit as the new one. Packed suits will seldom be available for training.


You have to be able to:

a. Know the general procedure for unmasking.

b. Be able to carry out the Sniff Test.

Study Notes

While it reduces efficiency to operate while wearing a respirator unnecessarily, unmasking too soon is as fatal as masking too late. The procedure will be controlled by your local commander and must be strictly followed:

Test for Liquid

Five minutes after a chemical attack your local commander will order a check of exposed surfaces with detector paper. If there are no signs of liquid agent, test for vapour.

Test for Vapour

Test for vapour using RVD and/or CAM. If there are no indications of vapour, report to your commander and he will order 2 personnel to carry out an initial Sniff Test, in view and upwind.

Initial Sniff Test

Two personnel carry out the initial Sniff Test as outlined below but remain masked.

If they report all clear the commander will order the two to unmask for 5 minutes and then remask.

When all detachments report no sign of vapour, the higher commander will order "All clear".

Individual Sniff Test

When the order "All Clear" is received all must then do a sniff test as outlined below. If at any time you suspect vapour, re-mask and shout "Gas, Gas, Gas".

Decontaminate gloves if they could be contaminated.

Stand back to wind, loosen hood, take a breath and hold it.

Insert 2 fingers of each hand between cheek and facepiece.

With eyes open, sniff gently over 10 seconds. Check any irritation of eyes, nose, throat or suspicious smells.

Remove fingers, blow out hard, observe others for symptoms.

If there are no symptoms, report to the commander, if he issues the order to 'Unmask' then:

(1) Remain alert for symptoms.

(2) Replace hood and helmet.

(3) Stow respirator and gloves.


a. Memorise the procedure.

b. Practise the Sniff Test.

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