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Order books and files in the archives of the Directorate of History and Heritage, Department of National Defence (DND), Ottawa, were consulted, as were photographs at the Canadian Forces Negative Library and at the National Archives of Canada, Ottawa. There is a vast choice of published official histories, memoirs and historical studies on the Canadian experience of World War II, but relatively few regarding material culture. The titles below are some of those used for this book and useful for further details.

Army Historical Section, The Regiments and Corps of The Canadian Army, (Ottawa: DND, 1964)

Bernier, Serge, Canadian Military Heritage Vol. 3: 1872-2000, (Montreal: Art Global, 2000)

Bravley, Martin, ill.Ramiro Bujeiro, MAA 357, World War II Allied Women's Services, (Oxford: Osprey, 2001)

Brayley, Martin, ill.Mike Chappell, MAA 354, The British Army 1939-45 (1) NW Europe, (Oxford: Osprey, 2001)

Chappell, Mike, MAA 108 (Revised), British Infantry Equipments 1908-2000, (Oxford: Osprey, 2000)

Chappell, Mike, The British Soldier in the 20th Century, Nos. 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, (Hatherleigh, UK: Wessex Military Publishing, 1988-89 - essential regarding aspects of Canadian as well as British Army uniforms and equipment.)

Chappell, Mike, MAA 164, The Canadian Army at War, (London, Osprey, 1985)

Christie, Carl A., Ocean Bridge: The History of RAF Ferry Command, (University of Toronto, 1995)

Cormack, Andrew, ill.Ron Volstad, MAA 225, Royal Air Force 1939-1945, (London: Osprey, 1990 - essential study for RCAF uniforms.)

Davis, Brian L., British Army Uniforms

Dorosh, Michael, Cannuck: Clothing and Equipping the Canadian Soldier 1939-1945, (Missoula, Montana: Pictorial Histories, 1995)

Douglas, W.A.B., Greenhous, Brereton, et al, Official History of the Royal Canadian Air Force, Vols. 2 and 3, (Ottawa: DND, 1987-2000)

Gravel, Jean-Yves, Le Québec et la guerre, (Montréal: Septentrion, 1974)

Greenhous, Brereton, & Halliday, Hugh, Canada's Air Forces 1919-1999, (Montreal: Art Global, 1999)

Jenson, Latham B., Tin Hats, Oilskins and Seaboots, (Toronto: Robin Brass Studio, 2000 - especially good for RCN uniforms.)

Jewell, Brian, ill.Mike Chappell, MAA 112, British Battledress 1937-61, (London: Osprey, 1981 - excellent details on construction of BD.)

Law, Clive M., Distinguishing Patches: Formation Patches of the Canadian Army, (Nepean, Ontario: Service Publications, 1997 - superbly documented and illustrated work.)

Lucy, Roger V., Tin Lids: Canadian Combat Helmets, (Nepean, Ontario: Service Publications, 1997 - excellent details on all types of helmets worn by Canadian soldiers.)

Martienson, John, ed., We Stand on Guard: An Illustrated History of the Canadian Army, (Montreal: Ovale, 1992)

Nicholson, G.W.R., Canada's Nursing Sisters, (Toronto: Hakkert, 1975)

Robertson, Heather, A Terrible Beauty: the Art of Canada at War, (Toronto: Lorimer, 1977)

Sexton, D.J., A Guide to Canadian Shoulder Titles 1939-45, (Hinsdale, Illinois, 1987)

Smylie, Eric, Buttons of the Canadian Militia, Army, Naval and Air Forces, (St Catharines, Ontario: Vanwell, 1995)

Stacey, C.P., Arms, Men and Governments, (Ottawa: DND, 1970)

Stacey, C.P., & Nicholson, G.W.R., Official History of the Canadian Army in the Second World War, 3 Vols., (Ottawa: DND, 1955-60)

Stewart, Charles H., The Concise Lineages of the Canadian Army 1855-date, (Toronto, 1982)

Summers, Jack L., Tangled Web: Canadian Infantry Accoutrements 1855-1985, (Bloomfield, Ontario: Museum Restoration Service, 1992 - excellent on British as well as Canadian accoutrements.)

Sumner, Ian, ill.Alix Baker, Elite 79, The Royal Navy 1939-45 (Oxford: Osprey, 2001)

Tucker, G.N., The Naval Service of Canada, Vol. 2, (Ottawa: DND, 1952)

Wadge, D. Collett, Women in Uniform, (London: Samson, Low, Marston & Co., 1946)

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